Sanyo (SANYO) is a 60-year-old large-scale enterprise group in Japan. It is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and its products cover display, mobile phones, digital cameras, machinery, bio-pharmaceuticals and many other fields.

Sanyo Electric is an electrical company of Matsushita, Japan, with 324 offices and factories and approximately 100,000 employees worldwide.

Sanyo Electric is a well-known male. (1902 - 1969) was established in 1947 and formed in 1950. The founder was the brother of Matsushita Yukisuke and the former employee of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. The name of the company in the Japanese means "three oceans", which means The founders of the company have sold their products to the rest of the world, across the Atlantic, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

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