Screw and Nut Drivers

Image Part NO. Manufacturer Description Part StatusTool TypeTip - TypeSizeLength - BladeLength - OverallFeatures
30250 Wiha SOFTFINISH SLOTTED SCRDRV 3.0MM ActiveScrewdriverSlotted3mm8.00" (203.2mm)12.00" (304.8mm)Chrome Finish, Soft Grip
30259 Wiha SOFTFINISH SLOTTED SCRDRV 4.5MM ActiveScrewdriverSlotted4.5mm--Chrome Finish, Soft Grip
30271 Wiha SOFTFINISH SLOT SCRDRV 10.0MM ActiveScrewdriverSlotted10mm8.00" (203.2mm)-Chrome Finish, Soft Grip
30520 Wiha SLOTTED SPANNER NUT DRIVER M2 ActiveNut DriverSpanner (Security)M23.15" (80.0mm)7.24" (184.0mm)Chrome Finish, Ergonomic, Soft Grip
S106 Klein Tools, Inc. NUT DRIVER HEX SKT 5/16 9.63 ActiveNut DriverHex Socket5/16"6.00" (152.4mm)9.63" (244.6mm)Chrome Finish, Color Coded, Hollow Shaft
BD158 Klein Tools, Inc. SCREWDRIVR SLOTTED 5/16 13.19 ActiveScrewdriverSlotted5/16"8.00" (203.2mm)13.19" (334.96mm)Black Tip, Chrome Finish
27530 Wiha SCREWDRIVER HEX 3MM 6.69 ActiveScrewdriverHex3mm2.36" (60.0mm)6.69" (170.0mm)Chrome Finish, ESD Safe, Free Turning Cap, Impact Resistant
BD410 Klein Tools, Inc. SCREWDRIVER SLOTTED 3/8 15.19 ActiveScrewdriverSlotted3/8"10.00" (254.0mm)15.19" (385.8mm)Black Tip, Chrome Finish
BD144 Klein Tools, Inc. SCREWDRIVER SLOTTED 1/4 8.5 ActiveScrewdriverSlotted1/4"4.00" (101.6mm)8.50" (215.9mm)Black Tip, Chrome Finish
BD146 Klein Tools, Inc. SCREWDRIVER SLOTTED 1/4 10.5 ActiveScrewdriverSlotted1/4"6.00" (152.4mm)10.50" (266.7mm)Black Tip, Chrome Finish
BD156 Klein Tools, Inc. SCREWDRIVR SLOTTED 5/16 11.19 ActiveScrewdriverSlotted5/16"6.00" (152.4mm)11.19" (284.2mm)Black Tip, Chrome Finish
32003 Wiha INSULATED PICOFINISH SLOTTED 3.0 ActiveScrewdriverSlotted3mm1.57" (40.0mm)6.30" (160.0mm)Chrome Finish, Ergonomic, Free Turning Cap, Insulated to 1000V