Screw and Nut Drivers - Bits, Blades and Handles

Image Part NO. Manufacturer Description Part StatusTool TypeTip - TypeTip - SizeDrive SizeLength - OverallFeaturesQuantity
10000 Wiha BLADE SLOTTED 3MM 5.51 ObsoleteBladeSlotted3mm6mm5.51" (140.0mm)Chrome Finish1
74107 Wiha BIT POWER PHILLIPS 0 3.50 ActiveBit, PowerPhillips#01/4"3.50" (88.9mm)Impact Resistant1
74109 Wiha BIT PHILLIPS SZ1 3.54 ActiveBit, PowerPhillips#11/4"3.50" (88.9mm)Impact Resistant1
74166 Wiha PHILLIPS POWER BIT 3 X 50MM 2PK ObsoleteBit, PowerPhillips#31/4"2.00" (50.8mm)Impact Resistant1
70530 Wiha BIT TORX TR T30S 1.97 110 PK ActiveBit, PowerTorx® TR (Security)T30s1/4"1.97" (50.0mm)-1
74126 Wiha BIT PHILLIPS SZ2 5.91 ActiveBit, PowerPhillips#21/4"5.91" (150.0mm)Impact Resistant1
74165 Wiha PHILLIPS POWER BIT 2 X 50MM 2PK ObsoleteBit, PowerPhillips#21/4"2.00" (50.8mm)Impact Resistant2
28028 Wiha BLADE HEX 9/64 4.72 ObsoleteBladeHex9/64"4mm4.72" (120.0mm)Ball End, Chrome Finish1
70152 Wiha BIT TORX TR T9S 0.98 2/PK ActiveBit, InsertTorx® TR (Security)T9s1/4"0.98" (25.0mm)-2