Evaluation Boards - Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs)

Image Part NO. Manufacturer Description Part StatusNumber of A/D ConvertersNumber of BitsSampling Rate (Per Second)Data InterfaceInput RangePower (Typ) @ ConditionsUtilized IC / PartSupplied Contents
AD9233-125EBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVALUATION FOR AD9233 Active112125MSerial1 ~ 2 Vpp455mW @125MSPSAD9233Board(s), Power Supply
AD9481-PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL 8BIT 250MSPS 44-TQFP Obsolete18250MParallel1 Vpp439mW @ 250MSPSAD9481Board(s)
ADC32RF80EVM Texas Instruments EVAL BOARD FOR ADC32RF80 Active2143GJESD204B, Serial1.35 Vpp6.54W @ 3GSPSADC32RF80Board(s)
ADS1015EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR ADS1015 Active1123.3kI²C, Serial-0.23mW @ 50kSPSADS1015Board(s)
ADS1148EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR ADS1148 Active1165 ~ 2kSPI±VREF/gain2.3mW @ 20spsADS1148Board(s)
ADS1232REF Texas Instruments EVALUATION MODULE FOR ADS1232 Active12480Serial±2.5 V7.1mW @ 5 VADS1232Board(s)
ADS1256EVM-PDK Texas Instruments KIT PERFORMANCE DEMO FOR ADS1256 Active12430kSerial0 ~ 5 V38mW @ 30kSPSADS1256Board(s)
ADS1278EVM-PDK Texas Instruments KIT EVAL/DEMO FOR ADS1278 Active824128kSPI±2.5 V31mW @ 52kSPSADS1278Board(s)
ADS5281EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR ADS5281 Active21250MSerial2 Vpp77mW @ 65MSPSADS5281Board(s)