Image Part NO. Manufacturer Description Part StatusTypeFunctionEmbeddedUtilized IC / PartPrimary AttributesSupplied Contents
SLD9630TT1.1 Infineon Technologies EVALUATION KIT DAUGHTER BOARD Obsolete-----Board(s)
AD8232-EVALZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR AD8232 ActiveInterfaceSensor Signal Conditioner-AD8232Heart Rate Monitor Front EndBoard(s)
AD9510-VCO/PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVALUATION FOR AD9510 ObsoleteTimingClock Distribution-AD9510-Board(s)
EVAL-AD5933EBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVALUATION FOR AD5933 ActiveTimingDirect Digital Synthesis (DDS)NoAD593312-Bit DAC, 24-Bit Tuning Word WidthBoard(s), Cable(s)
AT88CK454BLACK Microchip Technology KIT DEMO USB CRYPTO FOR ATSHA204 ObsoleteInterfaceAnti Tamper and SecurityYes, MCU, 8-BitATSHA204SWI (Single Wire Interface)Board(s)
CY8CKIT-048 Cypress Semiconductor Corp ANALOG COPROCESSOR KIT ActiveInterfaceAnalog Front End (AFE)Yes, MCU, 32-BitCY8C4A45LQI-483USB Powered or External SupplyBoard(s), Cable(s)
CYUSB3KIT-003 Cypress Semiconductor Corp KIT DEV EZ-USB FX3 USB3.0 ActiveInterfaceUSB 3.0 Host/Controller-CYUSB301x-Board(s), Cable(s), Accessories
CYUSBS232 Cypress Semiconductor Corp DEV BOARD FOR CY7C65213 ObsoleteInterfaceUSB to UART (RS232) Bridge-CY7C65213-Board(s), Cable(s)
CYUSBS234 Cypress Semiconductor Corp DEVELOPMENT KIT FOR CY7C65211 ActiveInterfaceUSB 2.0 to UART (RS232) Bridge-CY7C65211-Board(s), Cable(s), Power Supply
CYUSBS236 Cypress Semiconductor Corp DEVELOPMENT KIT FOR CY7C65215 ActiveInterfaceUSB 2.0 to UART (RS232) Bridge-CY7C65215-Board(s), Cable(s), Power Supply
DS1863K Maxim Integrated KIT EVAL FOR DS1863 ObsoleteTelecomPassive Optical Network (PON)-DS1863-Board(s)
DS1865K Maxim Integrated KIT EVAL FOR DS1865 ObsoleteTelecomPassive Optical Network (PON)-DS1865-Board(s)
SP510EM-0A-EB MaxLinear, Inc. EVAL BOARD FOR SP510 ObsoleteInterfaceTransceiver, RS-232, RS-449 EIA-530(A), X.21NoSP51052Mbps Differential Transmission RatesBoard(s)
MAX31856PMB1# Maxim Integrated DEMO KIT FOR MAX31856 ActiveInterfaceSensor Signal Conditioner-MAX31856Pmod™-CompatibleBoard(s)
DV164139-2 Microchip Technology KIT DEV USB FOR PIC16F1459 ActiveInterfaceUSB 2.0 SlaveYes, MCU, 8-BitPIC16F1459, PIC18F13K50, PIC18F14K50Full Speed (12Mbps), MCU BasedBoard(s), Cable(s), Accessories
NAU88L24IG Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America IC AUDIO CODEC ULP STEREO W/SPEA Active**-*-Board(s)
AM305212R1DBGEVB ON Semiconductor BOARD DAUGHTER SPI STEP DVR NQFP ActivePower ManagementMotor Controller/Driver, StepperNoAMIS30521, AMIS305XXGEVKMicrosteppingBoard(s)
1905 Adafruit Industries LLC LI-ION LI-POLYMER CHARGER BOARD ActivePower ManagementBattery Charger-MCP73831USB PoweredBoard(s)
SI535X-20QFN-EVB Silicon Labs EVALUATION BOARD FOR SI535X ObsoleteTimingClock GeneratorYes, MCU, 8-BitSi5350, Si5351USB Powered or External SupplyBoard(s)
EVAL6470H-DISC STMicroelectronics BOARD EVAL DSPIN DISCOVERY L6470 ActivePower ManagementMotor Controller/Driver, StepperYes, MCU, 32-BitL6470-Board(s)
EVAL6924D STMicroelectronics EVAL BOARD FOR L6924D ObsoletePower ManagementBattery ChargerNoL6924DLi-Ion / Li-Pol (1 Cell)Board(s)
ADS1298ECGFE-PDK Texas Instruments KIT PERFORMANCE DEMO FOR ADS1298 ActiveInterfaceAnalog Front End (AFE) for ECG, EKGNoADS1298-Board(s)
AFE5805EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR AFE5805 ActiveInterfaceAnalog Front End (AFE)NoAFE58058 Channel LVDS OutputsBoard(s), Cable(s)
AMC1210MB-EVM Texas Instruments KIT EVAL MOTHER BRD FOR AMC1210 ActiveFilterDigital Filter DesignYes, MCU, 32-BitAMC1210-Board(s)
BQ20Z45EVM-001 Texas Instruments KIT ENABLED BATT MGMT SOLUTION ObsoletePower ManagementBattery GaugeNoBQ20Z45, BQ294121.1-Compliant Advanced Gas GaugeBoard(s)
BQ20Z80EVM-001 Texas Instruments EVALUATION MODULE FOR BQ20Z80 ObsoletePower ManagementBattery Gauge-BQ20Z80-Board(s)
BQ24012EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MOD FOR BQ24012 ActivePower ManagementBattery ChargerNoBQ24012Li-Ion / Li-Pol (1 Cell)Board(s)
BQ24030EVM Texas Instruments EVALUATION MODULE FOR BQ24030 ActivePower ManagementBattery ChargerNoBQ24030Li-Ion / Li-Pol (1 Cell)Board(s)
BQ24040EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ24040 ActivePower ManagementBattery ChargerNoBQ24040Li-Ion (1 Cell)Board(s)
BQ24085EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ24085EVM ActivePower ManagementBattery ChargerNoBQ24085Li-Ion / Li-Pol (1 Cell)Board(s)
BQ24153AEVM-697 Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ24153A-697 ObsoletePower ManagementBattery ChargerNoBQ24153ALi-Ion (1 Cell)Board(s)
BQ24161EVM-721 Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ24161-721 ActivePower ManagementBattery ChargerNoBQ24161Li-Ion (1 Cell)Board(s)
BQ24705EVM Texas Instruments BQ24705EVM ObsoletePower ManagementBattery Charger-BQ24705-Board(s)
BQ24751EVM Texas Instruments BQ24751EVM ObsoletePower ManagementBattery Charger-BQ24751-Board(s)
BQ27441EVM-G1A Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ27441 ActivePower ManagementBattery Gauge-BQ27441-G1-Board(s)
BQ27500EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ2750X Discontinued at Digi-KeyPower ManagementBattery ChargerNobq2750xLi-Ion (1 Cell)Board(s), Cable(s)
BQ27620EVM Texas Instruments MODULE EVAL FOR BQ27620 ObsoletePower ManagementBattery GaugeNoBQ27620Li-Ion (1 Cell)Board(s)
BQ3055EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ3055 Not For New DesignsPower ManagementBattery GaugeNoBQ29440, BQ3055-Board(s)
BQ3060EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ3060 ObsoletePower ManagementBattery GaugeNoBQ3060, BQ29412Li-Ion / Li-Pol (2 ~ 4 Cells)Board(s)
BQ500211EVM-045 Texas Instruments EVALUATION BOARD FOR BQ500211 ObsoletePower ManagementWireless Power Supply/Charging-BQ500211TransmitterBoard(s)
BQ76PL536EVM-3 Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ76PL536 ActivePower ManagementBattery MonitorYes, MCU, 16-Bitbq76PL536, MSP430F5529-Board(s), Cable(s), Accessories
BQ78PL116EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ78PL116 ObsoletePower ManagementBattery GaugeNoBQ76PL102, BQ78PL116-Board(s)
BUF08630EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BUF08630 ActiveVideoGamma Buffer and VCOM Calibrator-BUF08630Gamma Correction for TFT-LCD PanelsBoard(s), Cable(s)
DRV8313EVM Texas Instruments EVALUATION MODULE DRV8313 ActivePower ManagementMotor Controller/DriverYes, MCU, 16-BitDRV83133 Half Bridge DriversBoard(s)
DRV8801EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR DRV8801 ActivePower ManagementMotor Controller/DriverNoDRV8800, DRV8801Diagnostic Output, Synchronous RectificationBoard(s)
DRV8814EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR DRV8814 ActivePower ManagementMotor Controller/DriverYes, MCU, 16-BitDRV88142 Channel H-Bridge DriverBoard(s)
DRV8833EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR DRV8833 ActivePower ManagementMotor Controller/Driver, StepperNoDRV8833Motors (DC, Stepper)Board(s)
DRV8841EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR DRV8841 ActivePower ManagementMotor Controller/DriverYes, MCU, 16-BitDRV8841Dual Full-Bridge (H-Bridge) Driver with PWM Current ControllerBoard(s)
MSC1210EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MOD FOR MSC1210 ObsoleteData AcquisitionADC, DAC-MSC1210-Board(s)
TLV320AIC23EVM2 Texas Instruments EVAL MOD FOR TLV320AIC23/DAC23 ObsoleteAudioCODECNoTLV320AIC23Stereo, 16 ~ 32-Bit, 8 ~ 96kHz Sample RatesBoard(s)
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