Intel pushes the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor terminal device debut at the end

Release on : Aug 23, 2019

Processor leader Intel (Intel) announced on the 22nd that it will launch eight new generation 10th generation Intel Core notebook processors originally coded "Comet Lake." The notebook processor meets notebook and 2-in-1 (2 in 1) devices, while offering a slim profile and uncompromising battery life, delivering up to double digits in performance compared to the previous generation.

The processor also includes the first 6-core processors in the Intel U-series, faster CPU frequency and memory interfaces, and Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and larger Thunderbolt 3, which disrupt industry connectivity. More than 90 new designs from the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor line will be available by the end of 2019.

Chris Walker, vice president of Intel's vice president and customer computing business group, said that the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor provides customers with industry-leading products that can be tailored to performance, functionality, power and design. Achieve the best balance.

The new processor product line ranges from higher-level productivity requirements, from multiplex processing to daily content creation, plus Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Thunderbolt 3, which support peer-to-peer platform connectivity. Meet the public's expectations for the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor.

Intel pointed out that the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor product line combines Intel's world-class technology and intellectual property rights to provide a range of workload optimization platforms to meet a variety of computing needs and experiences.

The new 10th generation Intel Core processor is optimized with Intel's 14nm process and intra-node. Compared with the previous generation processor, the overall performance is improved by 16%, and the processing speed and multiplex processing performance of Microsoft Office 365 is improved by more than 41%. And without sacrificing battery life.

In addition, the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor also integrates the best wireless connectivity with Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and supports the fastest and most feature-rich connection, Thunderbolt 3.

In early August, Intel introduced the first products of the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor series, developed using 10nm process technology, providing high-performance artificial intelligence (AI), significantly improved graphics performance, and compared with its peers. The best connection ability.

The new processor, launched on the 22nd, not only has the same industry-leading platform connectivity, but also expands the product line to add a processor that delivers performance and frequency improvements in response to today's productivity needs. A full range of new products can complement each other, allowing people to choose from the most important uses for themselves and reimagining the experience that modern laptops can give.

In addition, all of the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor product lines offer the same outstanding connectivity. The integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) will bring you more WPA3 security, so you can be more assured, and nearly 3 times faster, you can enjoy faster download speed and responsiveness at home. efficacy.

The system with these processors also works with Thunderbolt 3 controllers to support up to four Thunderbolt 3 ports, each with power and 40 Gb download speed per second, and thousands of connections to the market. The docking station, display and peripherals can all be achieved with just one line.

Intel also emphasized that a variety of models using Intel Adaptix Technology can also support the new standby standby function for faster wake-up of PCs and build multiple voice assistant services in the PC. In Intel Adaptix Technology, Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (Intel DTT) allows OEM partners to calibrate systems with 10th generation Intel Core processors to achieve performance improvements ranging from 8% to 12%.

Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology provides the first artificial intelligence (AI) pre-training algorithm to predict workloads and boost higher turbine acceleration as the system demands, extending turbine operating time to handle ongoing workloads.

Intel expects PC makers to introduce notebook and 2-in-1 devices with the new 10th generation Intel Core processor by the end of 2019. Currently, PC manufacturers' specific systems equipped with the 10th generation Intel Core notebook processor are being verified by the notebook innovation program codenamed "Project Athena."