US Macom Corporation Releases New MASW

Release on : Jun 14, 2019

Recently, Macom Corporation of the United States released a new MASW-011102 SPDT non-reflective switch, expanding its RF switch technology portfolio. Based on the established performance mark of Macom's GaAs-based single-pole double-throw (SPDT MASW) series of switches, the new MASW-011102 is optimized for applications spanning test and measurement, electronic warfare and broadband communication systems.

Macom's new MASW-011102 low-power SPDT non-reflective switch supports wideband operation from DC to 30 GHz with insertion loss as low as 1.8dB and high isolation at 40GHz at 40GHz. It features Macom's patented low-gate-delay GaAs process that delivers unparalleled performance and fast switching speeds of up to 40ns.

Housed in a lead-free 3 mm, 14-pin PQFN plastic package, the MASW-011102 is easy to manufacture and is manufactured using a full surface passivation process to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Macom's senior director of product marketing, Graham Board, said, "Whether using our proprietary AlGaAs, hybrid microwave integrated circuit (HMIC) or GaAs technology, Macom has proven its industry leadership in high performance RF switching technology. MASW-011102 A new member of our comprehensive RF portfolio, our goal is to achieve the highest levels of performance to meet and exceed customer expectations."

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