NXP invests in Hawkeye Technology Co Ltd to expand the influence of China's automotive radar market

Release on : Apr 28, 2019

On April 17, local time, Dutch chip maker NXP Semiconductors NV announced that it has invested in China's autonomous driving technology company Hawkeye Technology Co Ltd to expand its presence. The influence of the Chinese automotive radar market.

NXP also signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese company, under which Blink Electronic Technology will provide its expertise in 77 GHz automotive radar, which allows vehicles to identify collisions and improve vehicle safety. Blink Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China Wireless Valley, a national communications and network industry innovation base jointly supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Government. It is also the location of information science at Southeast University. In addition, Blink Technology has established a joint research center for automotive technology with the only research laboratory in China, the National Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves of Southeast University, which is dedicated to the research of 77GHz millimeter wave radar.

China's automotive radar sensor market is growing rapidly, and its growth rate is close to twice that of the world market. The current automotive market analysis predicts that by 2020, half of the newly produced cars will be equipped with radar technology. This development is facilitated by the China New Car Evaluation Regulations (C-NCAP), which mandates radars to achieve further development and innovation in automotive safety applications such as blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking, front and rear cross traffic detection, and accurate environmental maps.

NXP is a pioneer and market leader in 77 GHz automotive radar sensors based on RFCMOS technology, a key technology for the next generation of advanced driver assistance functions, and will be further developed to detect and classify vulnerable road users. For full-view and surround view applications and imaging radar solutions, imaging radars can replace more expensive and cumbersome technologies. By collaborating with China's top engineering talents, NXP is on the verge of commercializing its radar sensor and S32 processing portfolio on a large scale.

The financial terms of the agreement between NXP and Blink Technology were not disclosed. Through this cooperation, the two companies will develop a 77GHz millimeter wave radar for the Chinese automotive market based on NXP's reference design.

NXP President Kurt Sievers said in a statement: "This cooperation with Blink Technology proves that NXP has confidence in the Chinese market and proves that we are determined to continue investing in China."